What can I do on PeopleBrowsr? Lite, Advanced, Business Mode

On PeopleBrowsr you can:

In lite mode
  1. Display
    • See your Twitter stream, mentions, DMs and more in their own separate stacks
    • Reply, DM, Retweet all in one click
    • View threaded conversations
    • Display your stacks as a Gallery, Stream, or Map

  2. Search
    • Find keywords and use search operators as +chili +chocolate or "sushi restaurant"
    • Sharpen your search, selecting keywords, location, groups...
    • Reopen your searches in one click (searches are auto-saved).
In Advanced mode
  1. Accounts and networks
    • Manage multiple Twitter accounts from one dashboard
    • Link Twitter and Plaxo contacts
    • Add Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Identi.ca, and other networks

  2. Groups
    • Create private or public groups. Browse popular and #hashtag groups
    • Shift+Click on a user to add to a Group. Make your group viral with auto retweet
    • Create a VIP Group and a ToDo List with quick tags. Email a Tweet. Add to AddressBook

  3. Stack management
    • Save screen real estate with the 'One Stack' view
    • Manage your stacks and get an overview with the 'Helicopter' view and 'Stacks Navigator'

  4. Data management
    • View Reports like 'Recent Followers', 'People Retweeting Me' etc
    • Export data to RSS, HTML, Retweet a Stack
    • Import RSS, URLs, and reply to DMs via Email

  5. Select your settings and pick your colors: create your own custom designs!
In Business mode
  1. View
    • Easily manage large amounts of tweets with the 'Outlook-style' navigator
    • Display the most recent post from each of your stacks in 'Helicopter' view
    • Expand URLs and open a page in a stack
    • See stats as bar charts and word clouds on trending topics and keywords

  2. Monitor
    • Receive Email notifications for keywords, replies and DMs. Tweet via Email
    • Easily track your custom keywords
    • Save time and get relevant information with custom reports

  3. Manage
    • Build Campaigns, track keywords, and autodraft replies
    • Add a note, assign a post
    • Rate posts as positive, neutral, or negative; and get a list of positive or negative sentiment posts