What can I do on PeopleBrowsr? Lite, Advanced, Business Mode

On PeopleBrowsr you can:

In lite mode
  1. Display
    • See your Twitter stream, mentions, DMs and more in their own separate stacks
    • Reply, DM, Retweet all in one click
    • View threaded conversations
    • Display your stacks as a Gallery, Stream, or Map

  2. Search
    • Find keywords and use search operators as +chili +chocolate or "sushi restaurant"
    • Sharpen your search, selecting keywords, location, groups...
    • Reopen your searches in one click (searches are auto-saved).
In Advanced mode
  1. Accounts and networks
    • Manage multiple Twitter accounts from one dashboard
    • Link Twitter and Plaxo contacts
    • Add Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Identi.ca, and other networks

  2. Groups
    • Create private or public groups. Browse popular and #hashtag groups
    • Shift+Click on a user to add to a Group. Make your group viral with auto retweet
    • Create a VIP Group and a ToDo List with quick tags. Email a Tweet. Add to AddressBook

  3. Stack management
    • Save screen real estate with the 'One Stack' view
    • Manage your stacks and get an overview with the 'Helicopter' view and 'Stacks Navigator'

  4. Data management
    • View Reports like 'Recent Followers', 'People Retweeting Me' etc
    • Export data to RSS, HTML, Retweet a Stack
    • Import RSS, URLs, and reply to DMs via Email

  5. Select your settings and pick your colors: create your own custom designs!
In Business mode
  1. View
    • Easily manage large amounts of tweets with the 'Outlook-style' navigator
    • Display the most recent post from each of your stacks in 'Helicopter' view
    • Expand URLs and open a page in a stack
    • See stats as bar charts and word clouds on trending topics and keywords

  2. Monitor
    • Receive Email notifications for keywords, replies and DMs. Tweet via Email
    • Easily track your custom keywords
    • Save time and get relevant information with custom reports

  3. Manage
    • Build Campaigns, track keywords, and autodraft replies
    • Add a note, assign a post
    • Rate posts as positive, neutral, or negative; and get a list of positive or negative sentiment posts

What is PeopleBrowsr?

Real-time Internet conversations occur on many platforms from blogs to social media sites and new web superstars like Twitter. Tools that you have used in the past, like Google or their email alerts feature cannot keep pace with these conversations.

Peoplebrowsr is a real-time search engine and client for you to look into the pulse of digital conversations and engage across multiple social networks simultaneously. With filtering, you can bubble up "memes and themes" that are important to you or your brand across any "Web 2.0" service.